Privacy policy

Information about the controller  
1. The personal data controller is SIA “BUKOTEKS”, single registration number:50003400281, registered address Atlasa iela 12,Rīga LV1026, Latvia (hereinafter SIA “BUKOTEKS” or Controller).
2. Contact us by phone: 67204291 or write to the following e-mail address .
General provisions on personal data
1. Personal data are any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. Personal data will be processed in line with confidentiality requirements and with care about safety of personal data at our disposal.
2. Privacy policy is applied to ensure privacy and personal data protection concerning any data subjects whose data may become available to SIA “BUKOTEKS” within the framework of implemented commercial activity:
Natural persons, former, current and potential employees of SIA “BUKOTEKS”;
Natural persons, customers of SIA “BUKOTEKS”, their representatives;
Natural persons, cooperation partners/ representatives/contact persons of SIA”BUKOTEKS”;
Natural persons, visitors of buildings and construction objects of SIA “BUKOTEKS”.

3. SIA ”BUKOTEKS” is aware that personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable legislation –Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter –Regulation), as well as related effective legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
4. SIA “BUKOTEKS” processes personal data in paper, electronically, by phone, by performing video observation.  
5. This is the up-to-date Privacy policy that will be amended and updated as needed. 

Personal data protection principles   
1. SIA “BUKOTEKS” will process personal data:
legally, in good faith and in a way that is transparent to the data subject;
adequately, accordingly and only those that are needed for the purposes of processing (data minimization);
accurately, if needed, they will be updated, having regard to the purposes of their processing;
is stored no longer than needed for the purposes for  which the relevant personal data are processed
in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, protection against prohibited or unlawful processing, against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures (integrity or confidentiality).    

Purpose of personal data protection 
1. SIA “BUKOTEKS” will process personal data for the following purposes:
1.1. To start and provide services:
customer identification;
contract drafting and conclusion;
compliance with contractual liabilities;
ensuring proper provision of services;
rendering of marketing services;
review of claims;
administration of payments;
debt recovery;
website maintenance;
protection of the company’s property, prevention of threat to security, material interests. 

2. SIA “BUKOTEKS” may process data also for other compatible purposes, ensuring appropriate rights of the data subject.

Legitimacy of personal data processing
1. SIA “BUKOTEKS” is processing customer data only in accordance with pre-defined legitimate purposes:
1.1. To conclude the contract and comply with liabilities, and anything related to its drafting;
1.2. Compliance with legislative requirements regarding provision of services or requirements of other legislation;
1.3. In accordance with consent of the data subject;
1.4. Legitimate interests to fulfil existing liabilities or those arising from the contract of SIA “BUKOTEKS” and cooperation partners, or other legitimate interests of SIA “BUKOTEKS” and third parties.

Categories of recipients of personal data  
1. SIA “BUKOTEKS” does not disclose to third persons personal data of a cooperation partner or any other information obtained in the course of cooperation, if this does not have a legal basis.  
2. Where appropriate, your personal data may be accessible to:
2.1. Employees of SIA “BUKOTEKS”, directly authorised persons who need this to perform their professional duty;
2.2. Personal data processors according to the rendered services and only to the extent necessary;
2.3. State and municipal authorities in cases provided for in legislation;
 2.4. By involving in personal data processing a personal data processor in accordance with the contract;
2.5. Other third parties subject to careful assessment as to whether transfer of personal data has appropriate legal basis, e.g. insolvency administrators.

Transfer of personal data 
1. SIA “BUKOTEKS” takes appropriate measures to ensure processing, protection of personal data and transfer to data processors in accordance with applicable legislation, assessing its necessity and the amount of data to be transferred. Data transfer to processors is carried out subject to confidentiality provisions and ensures appropriate protection.   
2.  SIA “BUKOTEKS” is entitled to transfer personal data to the following categories of processors of SIA “BUKOTEKS”:
2.1. Legal advisors, auditors, outsourced accountants, financial advisors, a professional public organisation;
2.2. Data base owners, developers, IT service providers, technical maintainers;
2.3. Others that ensure performance of commercial activity of SIA “BUKOTEKS”;
2.4. Personal data processors may be reviewed and amended subject to a notice to the data subject.  

Transfer of personal data to third countries
1. Your personal data will be stored and processed in the European Union or the European Economic Area.  
2. SIA “Bukoteks” does not transfer personal data to third countries (outside the European Union or the European Economic Area).

Duration of personal data storage 
1. SIA “BUKOTEKS” specifies the term of personal data storage in line with the following criteria:
1.1.  Personal data are stored as long as they are needed to achieve the purposes of their processing;
1.2. Personal data are stored having regard to legislative requirements and terms;
1.3. Personal data will be stored at least as long as somebody may bring legal actions against and/or initiate legal proceedings in order to ensure preservation of evidence. The period of personal data storage depends on the purpose for which they were collected;
1.4. After expiry of the said conditions, personal data will be deleted or made anonymous.

Rights of a personal data subject   
1. The right to receive information specified in legislation regarding processing of their data.
2. The right to request from SIA “BUKOTEKS” access to their personal data. We have the obligation to reply within one month, unless SIA “BUKOTEKS” extends provision of an answer up to two months, taking into account complexity of the issue.
3. The right to edit personal data if they are inaccurate or incomplete. SIA “BUKOTEKS” will provide an answer on personal data editing within one month. Where SIA “BUKOTEKS” will not edit personal data, we will explain to the personal data subject why we will not edit personal data.
4. The right to delete personal data. The personal data subject has the right to be “forgotten”. SIA “BUKOTEKS”not always will comply with the request of the personal data subject to delete personal data. Where SIA “BUKOTEKS” will not delete personal data, we will explain to the personal data subject why we will not delete personal data.
5. The right to restrict processing. The personal data subject has the right to restrict processing of personal data, for example, if the information is inaccurate, or in order to prevent unfavourable impact on rights and freedoms of other persons.
6. The right to data portability. Where SIA “BUKOTEKS” processes personal data on the basis of a contract and they are stored in a structured, widely used format, a natural person has the right to request sending of personal data directly from one controller to another controller, where this is technically possible.  

Persons consent to data processing and the right to withdraw it    
1. A person shall have the right to withdraw his or her consent to data processing at any time in the same manner in which it was given and/or by submitting a separate statement. In such case, further data processing that is based on a previously given consent, will not be carried out.  
2. Where a person wishes to withdraw his or her consent, it may be withdrawn at any time.  The withdrawal of consent will not have an impact on data processing taking place at a time when the person’s consent was in force.  
3. Upon withdrawal of consent, no data processing may be stopped that has other legal grounds.

Your consent to the Privacy policy   
By giving your personal data to SIA “BUKOTEKS”, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Privacy policy. 

Website visits and cookie processing 
1. SIA “BUKOTEKS” on websites may use cookies that are subject to a notification on the website. Cookies that websites place in user computers for user identification and making their use of the website easier, and allow to choose whether the user agrees to accept them. Failure to accept cookies will not prohibit the user from using the website, however, it may restrict the user’s possibilities to use the website.
3. The user may control and delete cookies. More information on cookies may be found at: